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Lesvos is the third largest Greek island after Crete and Evia, and the seventh largest in the Mediterranean Sea, with a total extent of 1630 square kilometres. Mitilini is the Capital ofLesvos. It is the seat of the University of Aegean, the Ministry of Aegean, and the prefecture of northern Aegean. The climate is mild with the main characteristic being sunshine, which exceeds 3000 hours annually. The average temperatures are 8C-12C in winter and 23C-27C in summer. Lesvos is characterized by its many low hills and its three mountains: Lepetymnos in the north (968m.),Olympus in the south (967m.) and Ordymnos in the west (634m.). The western department of the island is volcanic in character, to an explosion - twenty million years ago – of an extinct volcano. Evidence of volcanic activity can be found at the unique Petrified Forest, aunique world class monument of nature. Lesvos has been renowned since antiquity for its healing hot springs, which still attracts a lot of visitors today. However, perhaps the most important thing about Lesvos is the warmth of people, who fortunately have not been affected by the growth of tourism and are ready to welcome you with kindness and cheerfulness.

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